Web bricolage & other services.

From designing & prototyping ideas, to end-to-end application development and marketing consultations.
I bring projects to life and make them run smoother through creative epiphanies, programming magic and lots of elbow grease. A freelancer that gets stuff done on the internet.

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Word on the street, this guy's legit

Great work experience

“Manu understood my needs, brought in new ideas and quickly delivered.
His communication skills and rigor during execution make him a great fit for design collaborations.”

Yoann Logo

Yoann Vuagnoux

UI Designer

Very committed and resourceful

“Manu quickly got the gist of our project and how to integrate our identity and business logic into a custom web app. Very easy to work with, he carefully handled each task and followed up on us after the launch.”

The queen

Victoria Effantin

Founder - Mamiche

Skills and services

Full stack project development through and through

I combine both soft and technical skills to solve real-world problems
and build engaging user experiences, while having fun (most of the time).

Project scope definition
I'll help you pin down your user journeys, evaluate the friction and technical challenges behind each one, before defining a roadmap that will guide the building process.
Wireframing and design
Thinking through the overall user experience, I can structure and design functional interfaces that'll make your identity stand out.
Testing and building
As a fullstack Ruby on Rails developer, I can code and thoroughly test your project, following modern web-development practices.
Shipping and maintenance
Depending on the size of your team, I can implement collaboration techniques, internal tools as well as continuous deployment methods that suit your needs.


🪄 Tricks of the trade

Ruby on Rails, VSCode, DX

7 essential tools to improve your Rails DX

The Ruby on Rails framework is renowned for its developer-friendly ecosystem, but you can further elevate your work experience with these 7 essential tools.

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Ruby on Rails, DB

Use plain YAML or JSON files to store static data

When you have repeated pieces of text content that won’t change much over time, it may be a good idea to review your storing approach. If the content doesn't involve complex CRUD operations, having a dedicated table in your database can be overkill. There's another way!

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AlpineJS, Ruby on Rails, UI

Cleaner flash notifications with AlpineJS

If you scaffold your views in Rails, you know that flash messages insert themselves straight into your pages after submission. That's not very elegant and gets messy if you have multiple forms. Let's make a flash message worthy of its name.

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Ruby on Rails, Marketing

DIY lead collection form

You don't always need to rely on third-party services to get things done. In many cases, using a combination of over the counter tools and custom solutions can simplify your processes. Let's build a form so you can start capturing leads straight into your Rails app!

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JS, Ruby on Rails, Stimulus

Speed up your UX by deferring image loading with placeholders

Deferring the loading of your images with placeholders can prove really helpful for your user experience and application performance. Here's a simple implementation that can help you achieve that in Rails!

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Ruby, Ruby on Rails

An improvement on conditional links in Rails

Rails' link_to_if helper is limited, yet the situations where you need conditional links are not uncommon. Improve your conditionally anchored elements by implementing this neat little helper!

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TailwindCSS, Ruby on Rails, Design

Tailwind on Rails: how to get the most out of it

Some devs hate Tailwind. Others love it. This division is also palpable among the Rails community. I default to it because it offers world class docs, incredible levels of customization, and very thoughtful design choices. Being markup-first, it pairs naturally with Rails but it requires some fine-tuning (and experience) to be truly enjoyable.

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Ruby on Rails

Give your app time-travel capabilities with Timecop

Sometimes your application’s states and processes evolve with the clock and you need some commands to simulate the passing of time or the arrival of a specific date. Well, like often, in the Rails world there is a gem for that.

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