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The 'Alliance Solidaire des Français de l’Etranger' is an independent movement dedicated to french people living abroad (2 to 3 million French citizens do not live in France). The ASFE contacted me to create a platform that could facilitate the management of its members.

Simplifying member management and interaction


user_space_2.png Notification flashes are handled by Turbo Streams, the card has a cool tilt effect thanks to TiltJS.

The platform’s objectives were the following:

  1. Simplify the management of members information by ASFE’s staff
  2. Increase the accuracy of members’ data
  3. Centralize different member related tools and processes
  4. Offer members a dedicated space and expanded opportunities for interaction with ASFE

This took quite a lot data migration and cleaning efforts, but the result was a standalone, tailor-made Ruby on Rails 7 application that does not depend on the legacy ASFE website or scattered expensive third-party tools. It also offers a fluid and responsive user experience thanks to Hotwire!

The app is now capable of interacting with members continuously without external workflows by:

  • Sending confirmation emails
  • Providing real time notifications/reminders
  • Giving access to a simplified individual account to update information
  • Fetching and updating ASFE’s Mailchimp audience via a custom made API


Building a powerful backoffice with ActiveAdmin v4

This was also the perfect opportunity for me to implement the latest version of ActiveAdmin with Flowbite and TailwindCSS mentioned here! It helped me build a complete member management backoffice in a short amount of time, with very useful features:

  • Multisearch and filtering - taken care of by Ransack
  • Role based authentication with fine-grained user permissions thanks to Devise and CanCanCan respectively
  • Custom made activity dashboards and dataviz panels powered by Chartkick and Google charts
  • CSV exports, dynamic pagination, Google Maps geocoding, standardized ISO 3166 country labelling and more!

In conclusion, working with this stack was a breeze, and ASFE expressed high satisfaction with the new platform. We’ve already measured significant improvements in usability and member engagement. Plus, tackling this debt with a centralized set of tools means ASFE now has a solid foundation to manage and expand its data. For me, this was an excellent opportunity to practice Rails callbacks and service integration in Plain Old Ruby Objects.


country.png Disclaimer - None of the data showcased in this article exists in production - No sensitive information is revealed

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