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Work principles

These core principles guide my work as a Rails freelancer

  1. 1. Dedication and clarity

    90% of Rails freelancers are just employees filling up extra time. I am not. I commit to my clients. I announce what I will do, and when I’m going to do it. I always try to explain my choices simply. I’m clear about the time and resources to be mobilized upfront. I do what I announced and follow up if necessary.

  2. 2. Continuous documentation and client education

    For the sake of transparency and efficiency, I communicate clearly from day 1 and document my work until the finish line. I make every deliverable accessible, even for non-technical clients. It also helps future developers join the project.

  3. 3. Pragmatism over purity

    Building great products that “just work” and look great require time, effort and a lot of fine-tuning. I always try to favor tools and processes that minimize those and deliver maximum business value with reasonable resources.

  4. 4. Ship when ready

    I prioritize getting things right over taking the easy path or avoiding conflicts. While I always aim for early feedback, if something isn't fundamentally correct, I'm willing to halt progress and inform anyone that needs to be involved.

  5. 5. Staying ahead of the curve

    The web evolves rapidly, and staying up to date with the latest technologies is something I take seriously in my work. It allows me to improve continuously and help my clients to always invest in modern solutions.

  6. 6. Code-first (not Figma-first) web design

    Eliminating abstraction layers between design and programming is the key for productive building. This is the shortest path to product completion: written specs → lo-fi wireframing (enough in 99% of the cases) → hi-fi coded elements.